Who else is excited for the 500K Noms sale?! (Also just update)


I know I am!
Black Milk Clothing finally reached 500K fans and because of that are having a museum sale which is amazing because personally all my favorites are in the museum and it seems by the time I finally got money to buy Black Milk it was all in there!
I am definitely aiming to get the Blood Splatter, Haunted House, and Christmas Tree leggings! If I don't get even one of those I will be so upset since I've been trying so hard to get them.

But yeah, so other than that I have nothing much to say! Nothing really goes on in my life enough to blog about I find, I'm not that interesting.

I did buy a car though, a 1991 Skyline GTS, it's sparkly and red. So that's pretty awesome, although I don't get my drivers until November but that's fine because I can make it look all nice and pretty for when I can!

I've been taking an English class for the month and that's why I haven't been on here much because it keeps me super busy but hopefully that will calm down soon! But even then I won't have much time because I'll be going to Nova Scotia for a few weeks, and then B.C. hopefully!

I've been doing retouching more, although I have slowed down a bit because of school. And I made my website for it, mimioldfieldretouching.com and then I have my online store 666isjust18.storeenvy.com!

I think that's all I have for you guys for today! I'm hoping I'll have more for you guys eventually!

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