Anyone heard of Ipsy?


Well now you have!

My friend had posted on Instagram a picture of a small goodie bag with make up in it! I was curious and asked her what it was and she told me it was called Ipsy and you sign up and they send you a bag of 4-6 make up goodies that can come in sample size or normal size! So of course being a make up lover and I'm always wanting to try out different brands so every month they will send me make up for $15.00 a month which isn't bad at all, U.S. is $10.00 but I'm in Canada and that's always more expensive!

So she sent me a link that says when I sign up I was referred by her, and I signed up.When you do they ask you a few questions, like what brands you like, what kind of make up you like, and a bunch of other things like that so that they can narrow down what you might like in your goodie bag!

So my referral link is and it would be SUPER awesome if you clicked it and signed up! You can even just sign up and not sign up for the goodie bag. I haven't explored it much yet but there's a community and contests you can do! There's lots to explore and see and you get a present from yourself every month!

So yeah, you guys should definitely check it out because I am super excited about it and I have high expectations about it!

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