My hair adventure!


Hey guys, so a week or two ago I decided I needed to change up my hair because I have been so bored of just black, as much as I like black! But I missed my colorful hair! So I decided I needed to add a bit of blonde. Before I started my hair adventure I did have side bangs, but then I cut them straight again, and now as you will see I put them to the side again! So here is my adventure!

So here we begin, I have side bangs and it's pretty brown.

I saw this picture and I was like you know what, I need some change, LETS DO IT!

After one bleaching it turned orange (Which was expected) and as you can see I missed a spot.

This I believe was after one time of mixing my own toner. I used purple hair dye and a lot of condition and mixed them together, It toned down my hair incredibly much! I was super amazed and impressed, I found it worked way better than using an actual toner from the store. I RECOMMEND THIS.

Since it worked so well I washed it out and did it again! It looks like my roots are purple but their super white actually, the ends not so much.

Side view.

All nice and dry and styled, not too bad.

Something just doesn't look right!


A little awkward right?

But then I realized, OH in the picture she puts her hair up and so I tried it and it would have been super cute.

But I don't wear my hair up 3:.

SO I dyed the sides back to black and left the bangs.

Ah, much better!

Pretty cute, and WAY less orange, more light blonde.

I used a Wella Toner, and it helped but it didn't turn it white, which is my goal.

And here I am now, back to side bangs and my blonde is pretty light but yup, back to the side bangs!

So this is my adventure, I am aiming for white hair instead of blonde but that takes quite a while!

SUPER TIP: Instead of using bleaches and toners, mix your own from purple dye and conditioner! It does NOT cause damage!
For people who do not know, once you bleach your hair once it does need to be toned to get rid of the orange color, a lot of people don't realize that. But if you have orange hair and then use a toner to get rid of the brassyness it can go back to brown because that is what's under the orange. SO instead, like I said, I mix my own and there is way less damage. It's brilliant and I totally suggest it. You only need a tiny dab of purple dye, like enough to turn it light lavender, and then a LOT of conditioner to dilute it.

Okay, that's all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. Bright colors don't fit you. You look great having black hair or brown, but not blonde, it is too much. Don't you think?