Limited edition Pink Crinkle Chi Straightener


Hey guys, so I bought a straightener a few days ago off of Folica. And I was really trying to aim for a Chi straightener that wasn't a Chi air because I have very stubborn hair! So I was looking on there and I came across this beauty!
In total it cost me $115.00 because of FedEx charging me $15.00 at the door, and that is why I hate FedEx! But anyways, this straightener is great. I FINALLY have straight hair, it's amazing. My hair usually does not straighten for any straightener but I figured I'd give Chi a try and it has not failed me!
Oh! Also, it came in two days which was also wonderful because I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for things to ship to my house!
On Folica they had two different Chi Originals, one was the plain black one, and then they had this pink breast cancer one which I bought! I really love pink so I had to get it.

I don't have much to say about this, maybe I should start making videos so I am more enthusiastic because I really do love this straightener! I would recommend one, but as long as you make sure it's a Chi Original and NOT a Chi Air. Chi Air is Chi's non-professional home version which you can buy in most drug stores but they cost the same price as a Chi Original, so you might as well get the better one, right? I thought so anyways.
Now, ways to tell if the straightener is a Chi Air or not!
Usually they will say Chi Air on them, that's obviously a dead giveaway. They have a temp setting on the side of the straightener, Chi Originals only have an on and off button, you can not set the temp. This may seem like a bad thing to some people, but I personally hate it when it gets turned down and you don't notice, and it has been said that the setting on the Chi Air is super touchy, which sucks because it's on the side so it can easily be bumped.

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