Lime Crime Lipstick and Velvetine!


Hey guys, so about a week ago I ordered some Lime Crime because I always see it all over my tumblr, my Instagram, and my Facebook so I was like you know, I'm gonna try it! Especially the red velvetine  because everyone wanted that one and I had seen all good reviews!

So I ordered Geradium and Coquette in the opaque lipsticks because I just loved both the colors! And then I ordered the Red Velvet Velvetine!

So the velvetine does NOT come off easy, which is super awesome because who wants to worry weather their lipstick is coming off or not? I found that I wasn't expecting it to be so running but you just have to get used to that because like I said once it dries it is staying in place. 
For the lipsticks, they stay on pretty dang well too. I'm not exactly sure how long because I wasn't paying attention but it's not a big deal, easy application obviously for a touch up.

Overall I think the packaging is super cute, both for the lipsticks and velvetines because they totally match the product, I love the unicorn theme, and the actual product is amazing and is really worth the money, not that they're expensive by any means. 
I'm really impressed with Lime Crime and as a girl who has small lips and is sometimes a little self conscious of them this lipstick does wonders and I'm so happy with it.
I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

(Ohhh picture time!)

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