I bought a camera!


Hey guy, so yesterday my boyfriend was like "Hey there's this camera on Kijiji for sale and it's super good you should check it out." So I did!

I bought a Canon 5D! It's used, but I got it for $600! It came with a battery grip and two batteries, not used much, and a shutter button cord! I don't have any lenses for it so I am using my boyfriends 50mm which I wasn't a fan of AT ALL on this 60D, but since the 5D is full frame it's so awesome, especially with his Fisheye lens!

So I'm super excited to start using it, I haven't really don't photography in a LONG time just because I haven't really had a camera and I couldn't pass up this camera!

It's so nice, a little heavy for me but I'll get used to it, I still need to figure out how to work the settings since I'm pretty amateur but I will learn! I'm excited to get out there, especially when I go to Cape Breton this summer! 

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  1. This is a cool camera, you know. I have the same brand but the model is little older. It works really good and photos are great.