Clip in Dread Extensions


Hey guys!

So a couple days ago, I got bored and when I get bored I just do random stuff and I really like to make stuff. So I started going through my drawers and found my bag of (failed) extensions and I was like HEY LETS MAKE SOME CLIP IN DREADS. So up, that is what I did!

Awhile back my friend had made one for me, and she used some dread wax and all that, but that was all I remembered that she did, so I Youtube'd some tutorials on how to make them and I just kind of started doing it.
So first I started with a weft of hair, and cut off a smaller piece (above)

I then folded it in half because I wanted a thicker dread, and sewed it together!

I don't have any pictures for the rest, but basically what I did was I made two. The first one I safety pinned to my leg and then I took a small comb and started to backcomb it, It looked fine but then I started on another because I wanted a long and thicker one. The second one I backcombed just at the end and then I used the palm rolling method because it seems like you get a nicer dread when you do this.
It's exactly how it sounds, you just roll your palms around it until mats and you can do some backcombing too, and the twist and pull method too. I found by palm rolling you don't have so many fly away hairs because it flattens them down!

I then sewed a clip onto the end!

And ttaaadaaaaaa! I now have two super cute turquoise clip in dreads!


What I learned when looking on YouTube for tutorials!

1. The backcombing method: Exactly how it sounds, you take a comb and comb backwards so that it mats up and gets all tangled!
2. Twist and rip method: Take some of the hair and part it and then twist it together or just anything and then pull them apart! They will knot up really nicely because it mixes up the hair's and tangles them!
3: Palm rolling method: Take the hair and roll it in your palms up and down until you have a dread!

I also learned that you do NOT have to use anything in your dreads to make them stay! It's perfectly fine if you want to, but you don't have to which is awesome. You can buy dread wax and it helps it stick together more but personally I don't like the smell.

You can also add the dread extensions onto your own dreads by just dreading them together! Which I thought was really cool because if you wanted to have colorful dreads for just a little while, or because you don't want to dye your own dreads they are perfect!

I used human hair but you can also use synthetic hair!


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