Acuvue 2 Color Opaques


Hey guys!
So two nights/ early mornings ago I couldn't sleep and got bored and started online shopping! Because what else is there to do at 4:00 in the morning!
So anyways, I decided to order some coloured contacts because I've always wanted them but it never was a thought in my mind that "hey, I CAN actually order them!" so yeah, I did!
So anyways, I ordered them early morning April 30th and they arrived today, May 1st, so super quick! And right now they have a code for free shipping so it was free 1-2 day shipping which I definitely like! They also ship with Purolator which makes me happy because then I don't get charged extra money at the door.

So I did some research and watched YouTube videos on them because I wanted to know if they would work on my super dark brown eyes. Because obviously if they didn't make my eyes blue I didn't want them! But they actually do! If you have really dark eyes like mine these are great because they really do. I ordered the Sapphire Blue and they're super amazing, I am so in love with them!
Usually people like Photoshop their pictures when selling the product to make them seem so great, but these actually are. The actual contact itself isn't as sturdy or solid as my usual ones which makes them a bit tricky to get into your eye but it's really not a problem it just takes some time.

This is what you get in the box, a contact case and then in a box of contacts it contains six! Which for me is lucky because both my eyes are a -7.00 so I can buy one box!

The top picture is without the contacts and the bottom is with, as you can see there's a huge difference! (Ignore the makeup, I just woke up)

Although there is a filter on here it hardly altered the eye colour and that is how they actually look!

Overall I am super impressed with these contacts and I will buy them again!

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