I bought a camera!


Hey guy, so yesterday my boyfriend was like "Hey there's this camera on Kijiji for sale and it's super good you should check it out." So I did!

I bought a Canon 5D! It's used, but I got it for $600! It came with a battery grip and two batteries, not used much, and a shutter button cord! I don't have any lenses for it so I am using my boyfriends 50mm which I wasn't a fan of AT ALL on this 60D, but since the 5D is full frame it's so awesome, especially with his Fisheye lens!

So I'm super excited to start using it, I haven't really don't photography in a LONG time just because I haven't really had a camera and I couldn't pass up this camera!

It's so nice, a little heavy for me but I'll get used to it, I still need to figure out how to work the settings since I'm pretty amateur but I will learn! I'm excited to get out there, especially when I go to Cape Breton this summer! 

So sorry I haven't posted much!


I just haven't had much to say! And I haven't bought or made anything new so I have nothing to blog about.
Okay, that's kinda a lie. I guess I do!

I have updated my Store Envy store with a bunch of new items! HOW COOL!

I also have to go back to College for a month again because of a class I somehow forgot to sign up for last semester and I need it, wow I'm so smart! But oh well I guess, gotta get it done!

I have also started my own new website! It's mimioldfieldretouching.com and well it's my retouching! You should check it out, because it's pretty cool if you ask me! I've decided to charge $3 a picture, and if you want 20 or more pictures done I give a bulk deal of $2 a picture! So not too bad!

Like I said, I don't have much to say! Which I am so sorry for, but it's because I've been trying to get myself more into the retouching so I can fill my website up with good pictures because that is what people want to see!

Okay guys, hopefully I will have another blog for you soon!

Clip in Dread Extensions


Hey guys!

So a couple days ago, I got bored and when I get bored I just do random stuff and I really like to make stuff. So I started going through my drawers and found my bag of (failed) extensions and I was like HEY LETS MAKE SOME CLIP IN DREADS. So up, that is what I did!

Awhile back my friend had made one for me, and she used some dread wax and all that, but that was all I remembered that she did, so I Youtube'd some tutorials on how to make them and I just kind of started doing it.
So first I started with a weft of hair, and cut off a smaller piece (above)

I then folded it in half because I wanted a thicker dread, and sewed it together!

I don't have any pictures for the rest, but basically what I did was I made two. The first one I safety pinned to my leg and then I took a small comb and started to backcomb it, It looked fine but then I started on another because I wanted a long and thicker one. The second one I backcombed just at the end and then I used the palm rolling method because it seems like you get a nicer dread when you do this.
It's exactly how it sounds, you just roll your palms around it until mats and you can do some backcombing too, and the twist and pull method too. I found by palm rolling you don't have so many fly away hairs because it flattens them down!

I then sewed a clip onto the end!

And ttaaadaaaaaa! I now have two super cute turquoise clip in dreads!


What I learned when looking on YouTube for tutorials!

1. The backcombing method: Exactly how it sounds, you take a comb and comb backwards so that it mats up and gets all tangled!
2. Twist and rip method: Take some of the hair and part it and then twist it together or just anything and then pull them apart! They will knot up really nicely because it mixes up the hair's and tangles them!
3: Palm rolling method: Take the hair and roll it in your palms up and down until you have a dread!

I also learned that you do NOT have to use anything in your dreads to make them stay! It's perfectly fine if you want to, but you don't have to which is awesome. You can buy dread wax and it helps it stick together more but personally I don't like the smell.

You can also add the dread extensions onto your own dreads by just dreading them together! Which I thought was really cool because if you wanted to have colorful dreads for just a little while, or because you don't want to dye your own dreads they are perfect!

I used human hair but you can also use synthetic hair!

My hair adventure!


Hey guys, so a week or two ago I decided I needed to change up my hair because I have been so bored of just black, as much as I like black! But I missed my colorful hair! So I decided I needed to add a bit of blonde. Before I started my hair adventure I did have side bangs, but then I cut them straight again, and now as you will see I put them to the side again! So here is my adventure!

So here we begin, I have side bangs and it's pretty brown.

I saw this picture and I was like you know what, I need some change, LETS DO IT!

After one bleaching it turned orange (Which was expected) and as you can see I missed a spot.

This I believe was after one time of mixing my own toner. I used purple hair dye and a lot of condition and mixed them together, It toned down my hair incredibly much! I was super amazed and impressed, I found it worked way better than using an actual toner from the store. I RECOMMEND THIS.

Since it worked so well I washed it out and did it again! It looks like my roots are purple but their super white actually, the ends not so much.

Side view.

All nice and dry and styled, not too bad.

Something just doesn't look right!


A little awkward right?

But then I realized, OH in the picture she puts her hair up and so I tried it and it would have been super cute.

But I don't wear my hair up 3:.

SO I dyed the sides back to black and left the bangs.

Ah, much better!

Pretty cute, and WAY less orange, more light blonde.

I used a Wella Toner, and it helped but it didn't turn it white, which is my goal.

And here I am now, back to side bangs and my blonde is pretty light but yup, back to the side bangs!

So this is my adventure, I am aiming for white hair instead of blonde but that takes quite a while!

SUPER TIP: Instead of using bleaches and toners, mix your own from purple dye and conditioner! It does NOT cause damage!
For people who do not know, once you bleach your hair once it does need to be toned to get rid of the orange color, a lot of people don't realize that. But if you have orange hair and then use a toner to get rid of the brassyness it can go back to brown because that is what's under the orange. SO instead, like I said, I mix my own and there is way less damage. It's brilliant and I totally suggest it. You only need a tiny dab of purple dye, like enough to turn it light lavender, and then a LOT of conditioner to dilute it.

Okay, that's all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed this!

Lime Crime Lipstick and Velvetine!


Hey guys, so about a week ago I ordered some Lime Crime because I always see it all over my tumblr, my Instagram, and my Facebook so I was like you know, I'm gonna try it! Especially the red velvetine  because everyone wanted that one and I had seen all good reviews!

So I ordered Geradium and Coquette in the opaque lipsticks because I just loved both the colors! And then I ordered the Red Velvet Velvetine!

So the velvetine does NOT come off easy, which is super awesome because who wants to worry weather their lipstick is coming off or not? I found that I wasn't expecting it to be so running but you just have to get used to that because like I said once it dries it is staying in place. 
For the lipsticks, they stay on pretty dang well too. I'm not exactly sure how long because I wasn't paying attention but it's not a big deal, easy application obviously for a touch up.

Overall I think the packaging is super cute, both for the lipsticks and velvetines because they totally match the product, I love the unicorn theme, and the actual product is amazing and is really worth the money, not that they're expensive by any means. 
I'm really impressed with Lime Crime and as a girl who has small lips and is sometimes a little self conscious of them this lipstick does wonders and I'm so happy with it.
I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

(Ohhh picture time!)

Limited edition Pink Crinkle Chi Straightener


Hey guys, so I bought a straightener a few days ago off of Folica. And I was really trying to aim for a Chi straightener that wasn't a Chi air because I have very stubborn hair! So I was looking on there and I came across this beauty!
In total it cost me $115.00 because of FedEx charging me $15.00 at the door, and that is why I hate FedEx! But anyways, this straightener is great. I FINALLY have straight hair, it's amazing. My hair usually does not straighten for any straightener but I figured I'd give Chi a try and it has not failed me!
Oh! Also, it came in two days which was also wonderful because I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for things to ship to my house!
On Folica they had two different Chi Originals, one was the plain black one, and then they had this pink breast cancer one which I bought! I really love pink so I had to get it.

I don't have much to say about this, maybe I should start making videos so I am more enthusiastic because I really do love this straightener! I would recommend one, but as long as you make sure it's a Chi Original and NOT a Chi Air. Chi Air is Chi's non-professional home version which you can buy in most drug stores but they cost the same price as a Chi Original, so you might as well get the better one, right? I thought so anyways.
Now, ways to tell if the straightener is a Chi Air or not!
Usually they will say Chi Air on them, that's obviously a dead giveaway. They have a temp setting on the side of the straightener, Chi Originals only have an on and off button, you can not set the temp. This may seem like a bad thing to some people, but I personally hate it when it gets turned down and you don't notice, and it has been said that the setting on the Chi Air is super touchy, which sucks because it's on the side so it can easily be bumped.

Acuvue 2 Color Opaques


Hey guys!
So two nights/ early mornings ago I couldn't sleep and got bored and started online shopping! Because what else is there to do at 4:00 in the morning!
So anyways, I decided to order some coloured contacts because I've always wanted them but it never was a thought in my mind that "hey, I CAN actually order them!" so yeah, I did!
So anyways, I ordered them early morning April 30th and they arrived today, May 1st, so super quick! And right now they have a code for free shipping so it was free 1-2 day shipping which I definitely like! They also ship with Purolator which makes me happy because then I don't get charged extra money at the door.

So I did some research and watched YouTube videos on them because I wanted to know if they would work on my super dark brown eyes. Because obviously if they didn't make my eyes blue I didn't want them! But they actually do! If you have really dark eyes like mine these are great because they really do. I ordered the Sapphire Blue and they're super amazing, I am so in love with them!
Usually people like Photoshop their pictures when selling the product to make them seem so great, but these actually are. The actual contact itself isn't as sturdy or solid as my usual ones which makes them a bit tricky to get into your eye but it's really not a problem it just takes some time.

This is what you get in the box, a contact case and then in a box of contacts it contains six! Which for me is lucky because both my eyes are a -7.00 so I can buy one box!

The top picture is without the contacts and the bottom is with, as you can see there's a huge difference! (Ignore the makeup, I just woke up)

Although there is a filter on here it hardly altered the eye colour and that is how they actually look!

Overall I am super impressed with these contacts and I will buy them again!