Pentagram leggings from KVLT


Hey guys! So like I promised here is the blog about the pentagram leggings I finally received.

So first I guess I want to talk about shipping. I ordered these on February 8th once they were finally back in stock and I had wanted them since I first saw them!
Sadly, they took until Friday to ship to me, which sucks. That's almost three months later. Apparently they told me they had. A problem with international orders or whatnot. They were very helpful and nice about it though! This shipping problem also happened when I bought my heart shaped sunglasses from them. It's not really a big deal to me because I'm used to waiting for package but yeah, if you're ordering from them and you're outside the United States that may happen, but just email them like I did and they're very sweet!

So the second thing is, is the quality. When I first opened the package and felt them I was pretty unhappy. I had big hopes for these leggings since I had been looking forward to them for so long. I've been wearing them all day though and I've warmed up to them ahah. I guess it's silly to not like the quality but it's just because I'm used to black milk leggings. But yeah, they're a bit big for me and I am a size 00 in pants and 5'0" but I'm hoping they'll shrink since they're a bit loose.
They also sent me four stickers as you can see in the photo which is super cite and I will be putting on my longboard!
But yeah overall they're pretty cool, since I love the pentagrams on them, I'm a bit obsessed its seeming!

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