Hey guys! So I haven't really talked about this before and I don't even know why because I love to do it! And that thing is long boarding!
So a main reason I don't blog a lot a lot is because on the weekends I like to spend time and stay at my boyfriends house! And about a year ago we both got into long boarding and slowly but surely I have been getting better at it. Since where I live in the winter you can not do this we had to take a few months off and now since it's nice out again we're back at it!
I had been using his cruiser since I didn't have the money to buy my own at the time and that was fine but since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my whole body I have bad ankles and after one time of going my ankle would be screwed for a bit. But I found a solution! Drop through or drop deck boards!
A few weeks ago I invested on a Rayne drop through board, Amazon that is, and I am in love with it. I haven't had any problems with my ankle yet and that makes me so happy because also being short, by the time I bent down far enough to put my foot on the ground and push and then push myself back up onto the board, I wouldn't get anywhere because it was so much effort. Now it's a breeze and I am way more comfortable in ever way and more confident!
This is the board I purchased! The graphic I have is the one you see below in the picture though! It's much more green.

Oh and for you who don't know, these boards come with vicious grip tape on them and holy this grip tape is impressive.

I have the black griptape on my board and yes it totally does bite! But you're not going anywhere when you're on it. It's awesome.

For me, I'm just casually long boarding, I'm not into sliding or bombing hills or anything like that, right now anyways, I just cruise along paths with my boyfriend and sister and it's fun and calming and great exercise  it has definitely improved me!

Okay! I guess this is all I have to say about it!
PS. I'll have a blog tomorrow about KVLT pentagram leggings.

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