Finally! A layout I don't mind!


Hey guys! So I haven't blogged much the past while because my laptop cord broke and I waited a month or more to get a new one. But now here I am!
So I changed my layout a few times and I'm kinda okay with this one although it will probably change again soon. All the icons at the top do link to my profiles of each one!
So Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram so that would be super cool if you wanted to follow me on any of them! I am on Twitter all the time so if you want to keep up with me that would be ideal!
Since I am done my first year of college now I have two months before summer starts so I am going to try to work on my Photoshop skills and work on retouching and all of that cool stuff because that is what I would like to end up doing or something along those lines! So I'll be updating you guys, as well as try to post them on my Flickr account too, if I remember!
I have done a few of myself from a photo shoot I did a couple months back and if you follow me on twitter, tumblr, or flickr you would have seen them already but I will post them here too just because I like you guys so much!

This photoshoot was kind of awkward for me and I hadn't ever really done one before like this so I wouldn't consider them good really. But here they are anyways!


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