Bridal Show!


Hey guys, since its 4 in the morning and I'm laying here cause I can't sleep I thought I'd make you a blog since I haven't in a few days! I will be making more once I'm done with school which is in three days!

Okay so!
My boyfriends mom owns a wedding decorating business or whatever you would call it, and me and Ryan and his mom set up people's weddings!
To be honest I think it's really fun, it's a lot of work and exhausting at times but I don't mind it. I help pack up the vehicle with all the stuff we need, unload it, put it all up, and then take it down and bring it back to the house! It's fulfilling when you see the end resulted and you know you're giving the bride and groom exactly what they want!

It was really awesome because she thought of the idea of suspending the cake as well as a few of the center pieces which people liked a lot!

So this wasn't a wedding, but his mom set up a whole huge room at the stampede here where they were having a bridal show. She wanted to do a spring theme, with green and silver. I wish she had added some orange to make it pop but it still looked beautiful regardless!

She also had a booth in another room where there was a fashion show and a much of other vendors too and that was just as beautiful too!

Oh! And I can't forget, I also made her a design for those little fold up fortune tellers and that was really exciting because its so cool knowing that your work is being appreciated even if no one knows it was you!

Okay so here are some pictures!

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