Pentagram leggings from KVLT


Hey guys! So like I promised here is the blog about the pentagram leggings I finally received.

So first I guess I want to talk about shipping. I ordered these on February 8th once they were finally back in stock and I had wanted them since I first saw them!
Sadly, they took until Friday to ship to me, which sucks. That's almost three months later. Apparently they told me they had. A problem with international orders or whatnot. They were very helpful and nice about it though! This shipping problem also happened when I bought my heart shaped sunglasses from them. It's not really a big deal to me because I'm used to waiting for package but yeah, if you're ordering from them and you're outside the United States that may happen, but just email them like I did and they're very sweet!

So the second thing is, is the quality. When I first opened the package and felt them I was pretty unhappy. I had big hopes for these leggings since I had been looking forward to them for so long. I've been wearing them all day though and I've warmed up to them ahah. I guess it's silly to not like the quality but it's just because I'm used to black milk leggings. But yeah, they're a bit big for me and I am a size 00 in pants and 5'0" but I'm hoping they'll shrink since they're a bit loose.
They also sent me four stickers as you can see in the photo which is super cite and I will be putting on my longboard!
But yeah overall they're pretty cool, since I love the pentagrams on them, I'm a bit obsessed its seeming!



Hey guys! So I haven't really talked about this before and I don't even know why because I love to do it! And that thing is long boarding!
So a main reason I don't blog a lot a lot is because on the weekends I like to spend time and stay at my boyfriends house! And about a year ago we both got into long boarding and slowly but surely I have been getting better at it. Since where I live in the winter you can not do this we had to take a few months off and now since it's nice out again we're back at it!
I had been using his cruiser since I didn't have the money to buy my own at the time and that was fine but since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my whole body I have bad ankles and after one time of going my ankle would be screwed for a bit. But I found a solution! Drop through or drop deck boards!
A few weeks ago I invested on a Rayne drop through board, Amazon that is, and I am in love with it. I haven't had any problems with my ankle yet and that makes me so happy because also being short, by the time I bent down far enough to put my foot on the ground and push and then push myself back up onto the board, I wouldn't get anywhere because it was so much effort. Now it's a breeze and I am way more comfortable in ever way and more confident!
This is the board I purchased! The graphic I have is the one you see below in the picture though! It's much more green.

Oh and for you who don't know, these boards come with vicious grip tape on them and holy this grip tape is impressive.

I have the black griptape on my board and yes it totally does bite! But you're not going anywhere when you're on it. It's awesome.

For me, I'm just casually long boarding, I'm not into sliding or bombing hills or anything like that, right now anyways, I just cruise along paths with my boyfriend and sister and it's fun and calming and great exercise  it has definitely improved me!

Okay! I guess this is all I have to say about it!
PS. I'll have a blog tomorrow about KVLT pentagram leggings.

Trying to get into shape for the summer!


Hey guys, so for awhile now I've been trying to get in shape for summer, have a nice stomach because I'm really not happy with mine!
So yesterday I just decided to work out because I was bored and had nothing else to do and thought I would be productive while I waited for my boyfriend and sister to come home!
So I did 30 crunches, 15 sit ups, and then 15 leg ups(?) and then 100 jumping jacks, and then later on I went long boarding for a good while!
Well I can definitely feel it, my stomach was waking me up all night cause the muscles are sore and it feels great! I'm also going to start trying to drink more water since I'm really bad at it and don't like it much. I do have a progress tumblr that I do use from time to time and that is if you wanna keep up with what I'm doing!

So sorry I haven't posted much!


Hey guys!
So sorry I haven't posted much, I've been pretty busy.  Watching Futurama episodes on Netflix and editing photos!
Since I am out of college for the summer now I am taking the time to start getting a portfolio together of my retouching. I'm just starting out but I'm getting the hang of it. I've taken the time to do a few images and have the befores and afters and I made a tumblr account called Mimi Oldfield Retouching and I also made a Model Mayhem  but you won't be able to get on that until it's accepted by the website. But my tumblr has all the same images so far!
I'm pretty proud of myself to be taking in into my own hands and get started because no one is going to do it for me!
I will have some blogs up for you guys soon enough, I am waiting on two packages so far and perhaps some other ones when I get the time to order from Lime Crime, Nikki Lipstick, and SugarPill! But we'll see about those ones!
So saying that, if you are interested in some free retouching go onto my tumblr and leave me a message or submit a high res photo and I will do it for you!

Finally! A layout I don't mind!


Hey guys! So I haven't blogged much the past while because my laptop cord broke and I waited a month or more to get a new one. But now here I am!
So I changed my layout a few times and I'm kinda okay with this one although it will probably change again soon. All the icons at the top do link to my profiles of each one!
So Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram so that would be super cool if you wanted to follow me on any of them! I am on Twitter all the time so if you want to keep up with me that would be ideal!
Since I am done my first year of college now I have two months before summer starts so I am going to try to work on my Photoshop skills and work on retouching and all of that cool stuff because that is what I would like to end up doing or something along those lines! So I'll be updating you guys, as well as try to post them on my Flickr account too, if I remember!
I have done a few of myself from a photo shoot I did a couple months back and if you follow me on twitter, tumblr, or flickr you would have seen them already but I will post them here too just because I like you guys so much!

This photoshoot was kind of awkward for me and I hadn't ever really done one before like this so I wouldn't consider them good really. But here they are anyways!


Finall gave in!


I finally gave in and bought a charging cord for my laptop.. a month after it broke or so. Which of course means that the one Sony is supposedly sending me will come in the mail tomorrow aha, cause that's how life  works of course.

I bought the Rocketfish one that comes with multiple tips from Future Shop for $65.00 or something like that and it comes with three year warranty so that's not bad.
I am just so upset at Sony's customer service it's ridiculous and I don't even want to bother with them anymore!

So since I finally bought a cord I can FINALLY work on my pictures and hopefully you guys will get to see them soon enough!

Okay, that's all I have to say for now I guess!

Bridal Show!


Hey guys, since its 4 in the morning and I'm laying here cause I can't sleep I thought I'd make you a blog since I haven't in a few days! I will be making more once I'm done with school which is in three days!

Okay so!
My boyfriends mom owns a wedding decorating business or whatever you would call it, and me and Ryan and his mom set up people's weddings!
To be honest I think it's really fun, it's a lot of work and exhausting at times but I don't mind it. I help pack up the vehicle with all the stuff we need, unload it, put it all up, and then take it down and bring it back to the house! It's fulfilling when you see the end resulted and you know you're giving the bride and groom exactly what they want!

It was really awesome because she thought of the idea of suspending the cake as well as a few of the center pieces which people liked a lot!

So this wasn't a wedding, but his mom set up a whole huge room at the stampede here where they were having a bridal show. She wanted to do a spring theme, with green and silver. I wish she had added some orange to make it pop but it still looked beautiful regardless!

She also had a booth in another room where there was a fashion show and a much of other vendors too and that was just as beautiful too!

Oh! And I can't forget, I also made her a design for those little fold up fortune tellers and that was really exciting because its so cool knowing that your work is being appreciated even if no one knows it was you!

Okay so here are some pictures!

Playing card project


Hey guys, so another blog of my recent projects! As you can see I like to post them when they are finally done so that you can see all the steps I took and all that!
So this project is my playing card one. We had to create a King, Queen, Jack, and Joker and make it us! It took me awhile to decide what to do but this is what I came up with.
In the end it was 44 x 21 inches and cost me $20.53 which I think is a bit much but whatever right? It's cute and I might end up actually framing it because I'm pretty proud of it! So here you guys go!