Just Eros Jewlery!


Hey guys! So like I said I have a blog coming about some lovely tunnels, and they arrived yesterday in the mail! Super exciting, who doesn't love mail day?!

Anyways! So I ordered heart shapes tunnels and they're wood, I would say I'm pretty happy with them! They came in about a week or so and they were nicely packaged in a cute little box and with some information inside which will be shown below! They're light weight, which is weird to me since I've had glass plugs in for months now! They also sent me a pair of red silicon tunnels for free, which was super nice of them! I haven't tried those in my ears yet but they look super cute, I've never tried silicon before.

So yeah, my ears are at 16mm or 5/8 and here are some pictures of the tunnels and them in my ears!

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