I just wanna say thank you!


Hey guys, I STILL don't have a laptop cord because Sony is being pretty ridiculous right now so I'm still waiting for that, but my boyfriend finally found the tip to his universal charger so I used that to get a full battery again, although that will last four hours approx.!

BUT! I just wanted to thank you guys for not abandoning my blog while I was unable to make you new blogs! It's really appreciated and while I was away from this blog I reached 1017 views which is pretty big for me!

I have a few blogs I can make and you can be expecting these:

  • New blackmilk buys!
  • Outfits I thought were cute!
  • Some of my art projects that I have been doing and/ or completed!
  • Make up routine!
  • Selling my clothes on my clothing store!
I'm sure I will think of more but that's all I have for now!
Like I said I am so impressed with the amount of views I have received and that just makes me want to make more blogs and blog a lot more! Also, I know it's a small number, but I've started recieving comments too and that makes me super happy!

Okay guys! That's all I have to say for now!

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