Clothes in my StoreEnvy?!



I FINALLY put more clothes in my storeenvy shop, and there will slowly be more to come too once I go through the rest of my wardrobe!

It would really help if you could check it out and maybe even buy something from it!
All the clothes are good condition of course and it would really help me out! :3


P.S. I'll be doing an OOTD post soon of all my past outfits I thought were cute!
P.P.S. Hopefully my new laptop cord will come within this week and I can make many more blogs!

Van Gough's Starry Night


Hey guys, so I wanted to show you another piece I did awhile ago in drawing class. Our project was to take an old master and then crop it interestingly! So this was what I chose to do.
I just used a thicker paper and oil pastels!
The end result wasn't exactly as I wanted because my teacher took over and drew on it, or "fixed" it as he would say. But whatever I guess, nothing I can do about it now!
So anyways here it is!

Campbell's soup can!


Hey guys! So if you've been reading this blog you realize that I STILL don't have a laptop charger which I am super not happy with! But you know I'm working on it, ugh. Sony is being difficult!

BUT! I wanna show you guys one of my latest creations!

It's a giant can of Campbell's soup!
We had to do something related with pop culture! So me being me and how much I love soup, there was no other choice but a soup can!
Really all I have for you is a bunch of pictures of the process I went through 8 usually took a picture once I was done each class so I could see how far I've gotten.
I am by no means a good painter, in fact I suck because I lack patience with it and rush and then it's ruined before you even think!

What I used:
A huge board I bought from Rona
Acrylic paint (problem fixer!)

So yeah basically I bought a red and white tempura paint because I thought it was acrylic and it turned out to be terrible. So when I went to paint acrylic overtop of it, it came off and mixed and ruined it, and I had to put so many coats of acrylic red and white it was crazy, and you will see in the pictures!

These are also pictures in the display room of the finished projects, I can say I'm pretty impressed with everyone in m class!

I just wanna say thank you!


Hey guys, I STILL don't have a laptop cord because Sony is being pretty ridiculous right now so I'm still waiting for that, but my boyfriend finally found the tip to his universal charger so I used that to get a full battery again, although that will last four hours approx.!

BUT! I just wanted to thank you guys for not abandoning my blog while I was unable to make you new blogs! It's really appreciated and while I was away from this blog I reached 1017 views which is pretty big for me!

I have a few blogs I can make and you can be expecting these:

  • New blackmilk buys!
  • Outfits I thought were cute!
  • Some of my art projects that I have been doing and/ or completed!
  • Make up routine!
  • Selling my clothes on my clothing store!
I'm sure I will think of more but that's all I have for now!
Like I said I am so impressed with the amount of views I have received and that just makes me want to make more blogs and blog a lot more! Also, I know it's a small number, but I've started recieving comments too and that makes me super happy!

Okay guys! That's all I have to say for now!

So sad!


I'm so sad I haven't posted on here in what feels like FOREVER! But my laptop cord should be here on Monday, at least I really hope! So sorry guys!

3: Laptop is dead!


Oh no! My laptop cord is broken and I'm trying to figure out what to do so that's why I haven't been blogging on here!
So since I don't know how long this is going to take and the only way I will be able to make blogs is from my iPhone it won't be very many for a bit.
SO if you're interested in keeping up I am constantly tweeting and blogging on tumblr!
My twitter is 666isjust18
And my Tumblr is!
Feel free to leave me any asks or tweet or if you'd like!
Thanks guys!

Just Eros Jewlery!


Hey guys! So like I said I have a blog coming about some lovely tunnels, and they arrived yesterday in the mail! Super exciting, who doesn't love mail day?!

Anyways! So I ordered heart shapes tunnels and they're wood, I would say I'm pretty happy with them! They came in about a week or so and they were nicely packaged in a cute little box and with some information inside which will be shown below! They're light weight, which is weird to me since I've had glass plugs in for months now! They also sent me a pair of red silicon tunnels for free, which was super nice of them! I haven't tried those in my ears yet but they look super cute, I've never tried silicon before.

So yeah, my ears are at 16mm or 5/8 and here are some pictures of the tunnels and them in my ears!

I don't have anything to blog about yet! I am awaiting packages and usually they come on Mondays and none came today, but that could have been because of the snow storm we had last night so it may come tomorrow, who knows! Well, you guys will because I will write a lovely blog!

But yeah I really don't have anything to say. I guess I'll just talk about life because this is my blog and I do what I want on my blog!

For all you Black Milk fans out there, I have recently came across the Facebook group Black Milk Clothing Swap, Sell and Buy ! This is a group that you have to be accepted to, and once accepted you can, as it says, Buy, Swap, or Sell Black Milk pieces! There are a few rules set in place to keep the group neat and tidy since there is currently 11,004 members! Which I'm sure all you sharkies realize is amazing because that means if you've been wanting to sell some clothing you don't wear someone will buy it! If you want to swap because you need a smaller or bigger size or just something different you can swap! And if you're looking for cheap Black Milk this is the place because it's been worn a lot of the time and you can find pieces that are discontinued! I recently purchased a pair of XS Aurora Skye leggings for $65 including shipping so I was very happy about this and they are on their way as I type! My dream pair is a pair of the Blood Splatter leggings, oh I'd kill for those!
I really recommend checking this group out, you won't regret it!

So I guess you guys should be expecting a blog about my new leggings, as well as a pair of wood heart tunnels I purchased, and a pair of Pentagram leggings! These blogs should be happening in the next week or two!