Today was the happiest day of my life so far!


Hey guys, so something amazing happened to me today. I'm sitting in the car with my boyfriend when one of my best friends calls me and tells me there is a hairless cat at the exotic pet store!
So we both started freaking out, and we all went there and I can't believe it but I actually got to hold a little four month old hairless kitten. It was amazing!
I've always loved them so much, but finally getting to see one and hold it in real life! There's nothing better. It was so warm that I was sweating just holding it and it felt like velvet.
It makes me sad that I have to wait until I'm out of college to get one because I want to be moved out and have time for it and to take care of it, but it just made me that much more excited!
And better yet, it's going to be there every Wednesday! So I will come visit it every week!
Even my mom fell in love with it. She was surprised how soft it was because she thought it would feel like a plucked chicken... Which is the weirdest thing I've ever heard but whatever.
So yeah, basically one of the best day in my life that I didn't think would happen for a very long time but it finally did!

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