Mail day! E.L.F and eBay makeup brushes


Hey guys! So I ordered E.L.F. Make up on the 12th, as well as some brushes from eBay and they both arrived today!

I had heard about E.L.F. on Tumblr a bit and I decided to check it out! Conveniently for me they were having their best sellers on sale, so seeing that I had to buy some make up. I did have a lot more in my check out than what I actually purchased BUT because I live in Canada they charged me $6.00 + $8.00, and THEN if it was over $20.00 before shipping costs I would have to pay border fees and all that, so I bought exactly $19.00!
So today when my package came it contained-

And as a bonus it had 1 x Studio Baked Eye shadow Pallet (California)! I was super excited about this, although I wish they had sent me the NYC, I didn't order this and I had wanted eye shadows but I couldn't add them or else it would be over $20.00! So that was either super nice of them or by accident, either way I don't mind!

I haven't tried any of the make up out yet but I will make a blog about it when I will, as well as about the brushes!

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