Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! Plus E.L.F.


It seems like a lot of people are down today because they don't have a significant other, but Valentines day isn't just about significant others! It's about your family, and your friends too, and in little kids cases, the whole class! And if you can't realize that, then I feel bad for you. There's no reason to feel bad on a day that's full of happiness and love.

But anyways! I love Valentines day, and so here is an OOTD Valentines Edition!

It's funny because today I went to go put some eye shadow on, and I realized I own a pallet of eye shadow from Eyes Lips Face! I've had this for years though, and had never really realized that I had it until today because about three days ago I ordered a few things off of E.L.F. so that was pretty exciting to see that I already did own some of their stuff, which I almost accidentally bought again. I will be putting up a blog about my E.L.F. makeup haul once it arrives!

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