A giant can of mushroom soup!


Hey guys! So in my drawing class we've been given our next project! And the project is to do something with pop art culture sort of thing. We can do it with any medium (paint, charcoal, spray paint, pastels, ect.) and our teacher wants us to knock his socks off, so nothing small and "chicken shit" as he called it!

Since I love Mushroom soup so much, I eat it almost every day, I have decided to do a giant can of mushroom soup. I'm not sure the size yet, but maybe the height of me, which is 5'1 1/2 (Yes, that half does count!)

I plan to do this can (shown above) in paint on wall board possibly, I still have to decide that.

I'm actually very excited for this project because usually I don't try to push myself because I feel like I just can't do it. And honestly I know there's going to be a bit of frustration and times I will want to give up, but none the less! I will try to make this giant can of soup.

Since Andy Warhol did a can of Tomato soup, does that mean my can of Mushroom soup will get famous too?

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