Mail day! E.L.F and eBay makeup brushes


Hey guys! So I ordered E.L.F. Make up on the 12th, as well as some brushes from eBay and they both arrived today!

I had heard about E.L.F. on Tumblr a bit and I decided to check it out! Conveniently for me they were having their best sellers on sale, so seeing that I had to buy some make up. I did have a lot more in my check out than what I actually purchased BUT because I live in Canada they charged me $6.00 + $8.00, and THEN if it was over $20.00 before shipping costs I would have to pay border fees and all that, so I bought exactly $19.00!
So today when my package came it contained-

And as a bonus it had 1 x Studio Baked Eye shadow Pallet (California)! I was super excited about this, although I wish they had sent me the NYC, I didn't order this and I had wanted eye shadows but I couldn't add them or else it would be over $20.00! So that was either super nice of them or by accident, either way I don't mind!

I haven't tried any of the make up out yet but I will make a blog about it when I will, as well as about the brushes!

Hey guys, so I went to Edmonton from the 21st to the 24th and I got back late that day so that's why this blog is happening a bit late!

Day 1: 21st

So I went to Edmonton with my family, and wow it started out as a complete gong show!
We had booked a hotel on Travelocity which was awesome because we got a room for way cheaper! But we got to the hotel and it was the worst Best Western we had ever been to.
Firstly, the ad on the website said it had a hot tub, and a tennis court, and just all these great things and oh what do you know, it doesn't!
Secondly, the hotel room was gross. There was "something" white on the bed skirt.., the hotel book that comes in the room was all ripped up and drawn on, the fridge when turned on had a very disgusting smell, ontop of the already bad smell to the room. It was absolutely horrible!

SO! We went to the front desk and we didn't make a big deal about how gross the hotel room was, but we said we didn't want to stay there because there was no hot tub which is one of the main things we wanted and they were fine with that, but they said we had to call Travelocity and cancel the reservation because that's who we had gone through.
Well! Travelocity was VERY hard to deal with. First the guy said "oh well it'll take 7-10 business days to refund your money to your credit card." Well that wasn't going to roll with us because then we would have had to stay in our Jeep considering we were six hours away from home! The hotel manager at the Best Western was super helpful though and he managed to get Travelocity to just get us another hotel room at a different hotel so we weren't stranded and we ended up staying at the Travel Lodge which wasn't too bad, definitely better and we had dinner at Smitty's because it was connected to the hotel, and I had delirious fish and chips!

Day 2: 22nd
Outfit: Mermaid Leggings (Black Milk), Black Sparkly Toms (TOMS), Pentagram Crewneck (Shop W.A.S.)

We woke up and went to breakfast at Smitty's which was super awesome and I had a delicious Belgian Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, my favourite! And then we went to the West Edmonton Mall! It was my second time being there, because if you read my blog from earlier in the week I was there for a few hours before! We hung out there all day and went shopping and it was super fun! I purchased a pair of black and white high waisted shorts from Urban Behaviour for $20  and a super cute black and white striped dress from Forever 21 for $20 and as well as a cute pair of black wedges at H&M for $40! The shoes made my feet hurt because I wore them without socks and my feet at a size 5 but I bought the size 5.5 because that was the smallest they had and I can never find size 5 so I settle for either size 5.5 or 6! We ended up having supper at Tony Roma's on Bourbon Street in the mall and it was pretty disappointing because I ordered the same dish I had where I live and it was COMPLETELY different, I was really confused and it sucked a lot! And then we all went to the Wild West shooting range, and my sister and step dad shot a couple guns and it was cool to watch! Most exciting part though was when we were walking out a girl said "Nice Blackmilk leggings" and I probably died right there, I was so happy someone noticed ahah!

Day 3: 23rd
Outfit: Black suspender leggings (Black Milk), Striped High Waisted Shorts (Urban Behaviour), Dead and Divine Crewneck, Black Wedges (H&M).

I was constantly being stared at and looked at by so many people it was ridiculous, suspender leggings REALLY turn heads. Damn Edmonton, I thought you could handle a little thigh!
We woke up, went and had breakfast at Smitty's yet again and I had the exact same thing because it was so good the day before! I was really impressed with Smitty's! We then went to pick up my.. well.. lets call him my cousin so it's easier! We picked him up in Leduc and then we went to the mall again and my sister and step dad and him went to the water park and my mom and I met with my old friend back when I lived on Vancouver Island and walked around and shopped with her for a bit and that was good because other than earlier that week I hadn't seen her in probably four years! After awhile she went home and my mom and I just walked around and went to the pet store and then they were done at the water park so we went to Galaxy Land! We got there only an hour and a half before closing so we went on a few rides and I went on a roller coaster except I closed my eyes the whole time because I hate heights! After that we ate at Mr. Mike's Steakhouse and it was AMAZINGLY good, ugh I loved their steak and their mini cheesecake bites.. mmmm. I will definitely be going back there!

Day 4: 24th
Well this day doesn't matter much, we woke up and went to Tim Hortons, almost couldn't find our way out of Edmonton because our GPS was being weird and taking us back the way we JUST came, yeah it was stupid. And we finally got out, and drove home, and my boyfriend was waiting for us at the house holding my cat, because he looked after him the whole time we were gone and that was so sweet of him! And then I just chilled the rest of the day, and that is why this blog came the next day!


Also here is a picture of the sparkle and fade knit circle dress from earlier in the week!
(Dress on the Left)

And last but not least the other dress I bought from Forever 21!

Off to Edmonton I go.. again!


Hey guys, so I won't be blogging much until the 24th which is when I get back home since I am going to Edmonton yet again for a few days! I'm sure once I get back I'll have a lot of blogs for you guys since I'll be doing some lovely shopping! 
If you want you can follow me on Twitter: 666isjust18 and keep up with me since I tweet a lot!
In other note I'm super excited because now both of my ears at at 5/8ths, and I ordered some cute little plugs for them which I can't wait to show you!

Okay bye guys!

Turn This Deer Into A Hairless Cat!


I am looking for someone who can draw me a hairless cat instead of the deer done by Rik Lee shown in the image below!
I would like a more Gothic frame around it like the one shown in the image below too but I want a heart key to go with the deer's heart lock and I still want the roses.
I can't find anyone who can help and I can't even begin to draw this myself, it would be greatly appreciated!
There will be a reward if someone can do this for me and I like it!

You can message me on Facebook, you can submit them to my Tumblr , or email me at!

My trip to Edmonton and West Ed Mall!


Hey guys, so on Saturday I went with my boyfriend and his family up to Edmonton! I was super excited because this was the first time I've ever been there! On Saturday after the long 6 hour drive up we finally arrived! We went downtown and took the Subway, which was all our first times doing it so that was exciting, and of course when trying to get back to where we orignally went down to it we got lost and ended up walked ten blocks to find the vehicle again but it was an adventure and fun and I really like the Subway because it's so fast, it's lovely! And after that we basically just hung out and drove around a bit.
On Sunday we went to West Edmonton Mall! I was so excited, since I just LOVE to shop and here I am at one of the biggest malls. Sadly, we only had three hours there which kind of sucked but I got to see my friend who I hadn't seen in about four year and she showed us around a bit.
We went to Urban Outfitters and I found THE little black dress I've been looking for. I was so excited, and surprisingly it actually fit me, although I wish they made them in XS, but that's alright.

Sparkle & Fade Knit Circle Dress - $32

I am in love with it, it is so nice and comfy, although I don't really know why it's called a knit circle dress because it isn't knitted but whatever! I will post pictures of me in it probably in a few days once the weather gets nicer out because it's not very nice to be wearing a dress in minus weather!

So yes, I guess that's all I have to say about that. Edmonton was nice but I think I prefer Calgary more because it has all of the same places but a bit smaller it seems and a hell of a lot closer!

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! Plus E.L.F.


It seems like a lot of people are down today because they don't have a significant other, but Valentines day isn't just about significant others! It's about your family, and your friends too, and in little kids cases, the whole class! And if you can't realize that, then I feel bad for you. There's no reason to feel bad on a day that's full of happiness and love.

But anyways! I love Valentines day, and so here is an OOTD Valentines Edition!

It's funny because today I went to go put some eye shadow on, and I realized I own a pallet of eye shadow from Eyes Lips Face! I've had this for years though, and had never really realized that I had it until today because about three days ago I ordered a few things off of E.L.F. so that was pretty exciting to see that I already did own some of their stuff, which I almost accidentally bought again. I will be putting up a blog about my E.L.F. makeup haul once it arrives!

My Lookbook!


Hey guys, so I've had a look book for awhile but I've never posted on it before. I'd like to start using it so that I can get some more inspiration with make up and outfits so that I can start becoming more creative!

My lookbook is Kittendoll! So if anyone would like to give me their lookbook's or fan me, I think it's called anyways, that would be super appreciated!

I would really like to get into make up more and having more ideas on how to dress!

Shop W.A.S.


Hey guys, so I haven't made a blog in a couple days! And I finally received my Pentagram sweater but I completely forgot to make a blog about it!

So, I like this sweater! But it's a little awkward because the arms are really baggy and huge, but that's okay because it's nice and soft inside and warm which I was very pleased about. It took a long time to get my sweater, because they are a website that once you order what you want they have to make it. They said it would take two weeks but it took them three for me. I ordered a small but I wish I could have ordered a smaller size. But yeah it basically took a month to get the sweater, but I expected that.

I would definitely order more stuff from them and I plan to!

Plaster sculpture

So guys, I've finally finished my plaster sculpture. It's nothing special and I'm not very impressed with it but here it is!

There are quite a bit of bubbles, and there's a lot of Knicks I thought I could get out but turns out I couldn't ahah.

Tools I used:
Files of different shapes and sizes
And sandpaper!

With this project we had no direction, and very minimal help and no techniques were shown to us. I wish they had been. So this was a difficult project for someone who has never worked with plaster before or any kind of sculpture except clay!

So yes here's some pictures.

(This stuff is extremely messy, and for someone who basically only wears black it's a problem!)

A giant can of mushroom soup!


Hey guys! So in my drawing class we've been given our next project! And the project is to do something with pop art culture sort of thing. We can do it with any medium (paint, charcoal, spray paint, pastels, ect.) and our teacher wants us to knock his socks off, so nothing small and "chicken shit" as he called it!

Since I love Mushroom soup so much, I eat it almost every day, I have decided to do a giant can of mushroom soup. I'm not sure the size yet, but maybe the height of me, which is 5'1 1/2 (Yes, that half does count!)

I plan to do this can (shown above) in paint on wall board possibly, I still have to decide that.

I'm actually very excited for this project because usually I don't try to push myself because I feel like I just can't do it. And honestly I know there's going to be a bit of frustration and times I will want to give up, but none the less! I will try to make this giant can of soup.

Since Andy Warhol did a can of Tomato soup, does that mean my can of Mushroom soup will get famous too?

Today was the happiest day of my life so far!


Hey guys, so something amazing happened to me today. I'm sitting in the car with my boyfriend when one of my best friends calls me and tells me there is a hairless cat at the exotic pet store!
So we both started freaking out, and we all went there and I can't believe it but I actually got to hold a little four month old hairless kitten. It was amazing!
I've always loved them so much, but finally getting to see one and hold it in real life! There's nothing better. It was so warm that I was sweating just holding it and it felt like velvet.
It makes me sad that I have to wait until I'm out of college to get one because I want to be moved out and have time for it and to take care of it, but it just made me that much more excited!
And better yet, it's going to be there every Wednesday! So I will come visit it every week!
Even my mom fell in love with it. She was surprised how soft it was because she thought it would feel like a plucked chicken... Which is the weirdest thing I've ever heard but whatever.
So yeah, basically one of the best day in my life that I didn't think would happen for a very long time but it finally did!