Kreepsville 666


So I finally got my package from Kreepsville 666, I bought the cute little pink skeleton hand clips, and the cute Zombie Barbie necklace! They're adorable. The pink hand clips are a bit bigger than I expected and I wish I had gotten more of them in different colours because they are just so cute! They came pretty fast as well, maybe a week and a half at most. And also the Zombie necklace is a little smaller than I thought, but they're both super cute and I am glad I bought them! I will most likely be buying more from them too!

The Zombie necklace sits really nicely which I love because I thought the chain would be a bit longer, but it's a nice thing that it isn't.

The skeleton hands are a bit badly glued on, it's just kinda a big blob as you can see, so that's a little bit eh, but I mean they are super cute hair clips, so that's okay.

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  1. Hey these are good but not looking beautiful. These are looking funny. But Thanks for sharing its a good creativity.