Katy Perry's perfume: Meow


Hey guys! So I finally went to Sears and bought Katy Perry's perfume: Meow. I've gotta say, I like it a lot more than Purr.
And for you who don't know, Meow is the light pink bottle with the cute M around it's neck, and Purr is the purple bottle!
I like Meow a lot more for a few reasons, I love the light pink colour of the bottle, my name is Mimi so the M just says buy me, and it's smells like a light pink vanilla, if that makes any sense!
It's a lot sweeter than Purr, and just seems to give off a more prettier smell. Also, I bought the gift pack, which was conveniently 40% off at the time, and it came with a shimmering body lotion, the perfume, a smaller perfume, and some body wash. I have yet to use the body wash but I'm very impressed with the rest of the products. I'm so happy that Sears got it back in stock because it was gone when I went to get it during Christmas time and I would definitely buy it again!

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