Blackmilk! New Matte Black Suspenders, Mermaid Leggings and New Matte Black Skirt!


Hey guys, so yesterday I was looking out my window waiting for the mailman to come, and I saw he had a lovely black package with him! I screamed as soon as I saw it and ran down my stairs to get it. I was more than excited to say the least! This makes my count up to four black milk pieces. I am now the proud owner of the New matte black suspenders and skirt as well as the mermaid leggings and from my first purchase the inverted cross leggings!
And yes again I am impressed with the material and quality! I am in love with my suspenders and they fit super nicely and snug and they're pretty sexy if I do say so myself! They look amazing with the skirt too and I would recommend buying it too if you buy the suspenders. The mermaid leggings are super shiny, I didn't know they were that shiny and glittery but I love it! Pictures don't even begin to show how beautiful they really are!
So I guess that's all I have to say about them.. Sooo here are a few pictures!

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