Wire animals!


So guys, I did say that I would show you some art that I've done, and I'd like to do that with all my art.
So these are some wire animals I did for my 3D Fundamentals class. They're a female lion and a male chicken. Let me add I'm not saying these are works of art that are amazing or anything, I'd give myself an A for Effort aha.
I think if I had more time to do them, and had worked with wire before they could have turned out better but I think they're alright.

My StoreEnvy!


Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a bit, sorry for that.
I'd just like to mention that I have recently opened a StoreEnvy website. I'm currently selling a few dresses but eventually there will be other things in there that I have made :3.
I would really appreciate if you guys could check it out :3 thanks!
Hey guys, so yesterday I was looking out my window waiting for the mailman to come, and I saw he had a lovely black package with him! I screamed as soon as I saw it and ran down my stairs to get it. I was more than excited to say the least! This makes my count up to four black milk pieces. I am now the proud owner of the New matte black suspenders and skirt as well as the mermaid leggings and from my first purchase the inverted cross leggings!
And yes again I am impressed with the material and quality! I am in love with my suspenders and they fit super nicely and snug and they're pretty sexy if I do say so myself! They look amazing with the skirt too and I would recommend buying it too if you buy the suspenders. The mermaid leggings are super shiny, I didn't know they were that shiny and glittery but I love it! Pictures don't even begin to show how beautiful they really are!
So I guess that's all I have to say about them.. Sooo here are a few pictures!

Malaysian Hair Weave


Hey guys, so yesterday I got a Malaysian hair weave! I did have blue hair before, and I purchased hair extensions from HairExtensionSale and my friend weaved them in and it was wonderful, even though the hair extensions were a bit frizzy which was kinda eh, but I had some money and decided I would just go get it done.
So I went to salon and first I went to a consultation where the lady showed me the hair extensions as we discussed them and how much it would be and the after care of them.
I chose to get 22" Bohyme Gold in Black because I had dyed my hair black, I'm not sure which ones they are but they're completely straight. I paid $45 a weft and then on top of that the hairdresser fee for doing it, so it wasn't too bad.
So basically what a Malaysian hair weave is, is they put little micro loop things in your hair, without the hair attached, I can't think of what they're called right how. And then they see the wefts of hair through them, so there isn't any braiding or damage to your hair!
Hair care is pretty basic, obviously be nice to it! I'm supposed to put chi silk in my hair once or twice a day, braid it at night so there isn't any tangling, and check for to make sure the hair isn't matting underneath, I was also told not to brush it to much and if you do all of this it should last up to 10 months which is pretty impressive. The hair seems like super good quality and I am very impressed with it so far. I wish I could have kept it blue but the hair dresser said it would be a lot of keep up and I just decided black would be fine. It's a bit boring but I'm trying to get used to it!
I'll show you guys some pictures of them of course! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Kreepsville 666


So I finally got my package from Kreepsville 666, I bought the cute little pink skeleton hand clips, and the cute Zombie Barbie necklace! They're adorable. The pink hand clips are a bit bigger than I expected and I wish I had gotten more of them in different colours because they are just so cute! They came pretty fast as well, maybe a week and a half at most. And also the Zombie necklace is a little smaller than I thought, but they're both super cute and I am glad I bought them! I will most likely be buying more from them too!

The Zombie necklace sits really nicely which I love because I thought the chain would be a bit longer, but it's a nice thing that it isn't.

The skeleton hands are a bit badly glued on, it's just kinda a big blob as you can see, so that's a little bit eh, but I mean they are super cute hair clips, so that's okay.

Smashbox Makeup


Hey guys, so on the weekend I went to Calgary and couldn't help myself but to go into Sephora and buy some make up. Since I had never really been in there before I was walking around for a bit looking at everything and eventually I came across Smashbox and I thought I'd try it.

What I bought:
Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisterizer- $35
Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder- $32
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara- $22
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner- $26

So I'm am super pleased with this make up. Like I said I wasn't sure what to get and I had seen Smashbox on Tumblr before and seen people that use it, and I tested out the testers, and yeah I think it was a good choice on my part. It's light and doesn't make your skin feel gross, the mascara doesn't clump and the Stila eyeliner goes on so smoothly!
I am happy to say good bye to my other make up!

Before and After

Katy Perry's perfume: Meow


Hey guys! So I finally went to Sears and bought Katy Perry's perfume: Meow. I've gotta say, I like it a lot more than Purr.
And for you who don't know, Meow is the light pink bottle with the cute M around it's neck, and Purr is the purple bottle!
I like Meow a lot more for a few reasons, I love the light pink colour of the bottle, my name is Mimi so the M just says buy me, and it's smells like a light pink vanilla, if that makes any sense!
It's a lot sweeter than Purr, and just seems to give off a more prettier smell. Also, I bought the gift pack, which was conveniently 40% off at the time, and it came with a shimmering body lotion, the perfume, a smaller perfume, and some body wash. I have yet to use the body wash but I'm very impressed with the rest of the products. I'm so happy that Sears got it back in stock because it was gone when I went to get it during Christmas time and I would definitely buy it again!

Hey guys! So! I just purchased the matte black suspenders, the matte black skirt, and the mermaid leggings! So expect a review about them too, maybe even a video of me modeling them? Ooooo who knows! I'll also be doing a review on some of Kreepsville's jewelry! And one on a sweater from ShopWithAsianSterioTypes :3! So expect those in the next few weeks. I'm also going back to college for my second semester as of today, so maybe you guys will also get to see some of my art? Who knows!