Update On My Hair Extensions


Hey guys, so here  is an update on my hair extensions since they're now weaved in by my friend Maxie. She did a wonderful job!
I guess all I have to say is that they're nice and thick, but they did go a bit frizzy at the ends. I think it's fine but I've also been putting product in them to smooth them out and such. I'll show you guys so you can determine for yourself whether they're bad or not, I don't think so. So also the colour doesn't match my hair perfectly because I dyed over the colour I had before, so that is my fault and as soon as Sally's gets more hair colour in I will be fixing that! So overall I am pretty happy, these are the best hair extensions I have purchased and also the best way to put them in that I have tried.

So yeah, that is them. I would recommend this website www.hairextensionsale.com for buying hair extensions. They're fairly cheap, very thick, and pretty good quality!

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