Blackmilk Leggings are finally in!


So I finally received my Black Milk Leggings in the mail today. I won't even deny that I didn't jump up and down and freak out, as both me and my mom tried to open the package at once.
So! I must say these leggings are fabulous. Before I got these my friend had a pair too. And although they looked fabulous I didn't know if they were come too. But holy they are! They feel incredible and soft and they're shiny nylon. I bought the inverted crosses in black during their Black Friday sale back in November so it took a bit for them to ship them out to me with the 24,000 order they had, as I was told. Which is totally crazy! So clearly I ha to follow their orders and put on a paint of fabulous shoes and then take pictures like a hot little boss. Here's also some pictures of the packaging and what was inside!

A list of "Thou Shalt.." always follow them!

Lovely packaging, it was even ziplocked.

A letter to you, very nice.

And here is a cute little sticker too.

And now for some pictures of me and the amazing leggings :3.

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