KVLT Sunglasses!


Hey guys, so my sunglasses came in from KVLT a couple days ago.

The sunglasses came in a nice little rectangle box, and they had bubble wrap around them. The box that they came in obviously had my information on it so I didn't want to post that, but they used a very cool gothic font also with their logo on the outside too. I must say it makes them look pretty professional. Oh they also included their business card as well!

So yeah the sunglasses are black and they are hearts and then there are cute little pentagrams on the side! I'm very impressed with them.

So ill just add some pictures of them of course!

Merry Christmas - OOTD


Hey guys! I just wanted to wish whoever reads this blog a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

So I guess I can show you guys my outfit, to be completely honest almost everything I own is from Stitches or sometimes known as Urban Planet. I  don't know why, but I just love that store.

Skirt - Stitches for $20
Shirt - gift from boyfriend
Nylons - Value Village $5

I guess the reason why I love Stitches so much is because they have affordable and cute clothes. I don't have a huge amount of money to spend on clothing and I also get tired of it quickly, so this place is one of the best places to buy nice clothes that you can afford and not feel bad about buying!

Thanks guys, enjoy your Holidays!

Update On My Hair Extensions


Hey guys, so here  is an update on my hair extensions since they're now weaved in by my friend Maxie. She did a wonderful job!
I guess all I have to say is that they're nice and thick, but they did go a bit frizzy at the ends. I think it's fine but I've also been putting product in them to smooth them out and such. I'll show you guys so you can determine for yourself whether they're bad or not, I don't think so. So also the colour doesn't match my hair perfectly because I dyed over the colour I had before, so that is my fault and as soon as Sally's gets more hair colour in I will be fixing that! So overall I am pretty happy, these are the best hair extensions I have purchased and also the best way to put them in that I have tried.

So yeah, that is them. I would recommend this website www.hairextensionsale.com for buying hair extensions. They're fairly cheap, very thick, and pretty good quality!

Blackmilk Leggings are finally in!

So I finally received my Black Milk Leggings in the mail today. I won't even deny that I didn't jump up and down and freak out, as both me and my mom tried to open the package at once.
So! I must say these leggings are fabulous. Before I got these my friend had a pair too. And although they looked fabulous I didn't know if they were come too. But holy they are! They feel incredible and soft and they're shiny nylon. I bought the inverted crosses in black during their Black Friday sale back in November so it took a bit for them to ship them out to me with the 24,000 order they had, as I was told. Which is totally crazy! So clearly I ha to follow their orders and put on a paint of fabulous shoes and then take pictures like a hot little boss. Here's also some pictures of the packaging and what was inside!

A list of "Thou Shalt.." always follow them!

Lovely packaging, it was even ziplocked.

A letter to you, very nice.

And here is a cute little sticker too.

And now for some pictures of me and the amazing leggings :3.

Vaio S Series Laptop


Personally, I am not very impressed with this laptop. I got it as a graduation present as well as for college around the middle of summer. Since then it has chipped in two places and the paint is apparently wearing off already. For a $1000 laptop I'm pretty unimpressed, not to mention that the top of the laptop gets scratched way to easily, I'm not sure if you can tell but it does have fine scratches all over it. I feel like I should have went with a Mac because that's basically how much I paid for this, and it's just poor quality.

I am honestly not rough with my laptop, it comes with me to my classes, in a padded laptop sleeve, and then it just sits on my bed. So if that little amount of movement hurts this laptop then I really don't consider it a good buy. Here's some pictures showing the damage that has happened.

My first post!


Well hai, I guess this is my first post and first time trying out a blog like this. I have had a blog on Tumblr for a few years now but I thought "Hey! Lets make one for the stuff I do and the stuff I buy and maybe some reviews." So yup that is about it. I'm not really sure what will become of this blog but I guess we'll find out!