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DEVIL'S IVY | My Love for Pothos


Since falling in love with plants around spring 2019 I've been buying a ton.. maybe too much? No just kidding, you can never have enough plants. But one of my favourites by far is the pothos, it's incredibly easy to grow because it's resilient, doesn't need a ton of light or water and will do just fine if left alone for long periods of time.

variegated pothos

My Variations

I have two different variations of pothos, I believe I have a Silver Satin pothos (Exotica) and a Golden pothos but please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments! The Silver Satin pothos has a variegated silver and green heart-shaped leaf, some of the leaves can be almost entirely speckled with silver, but also some of the leaves are only half speckled, it just depends. The Golden Pothos also have green variegated leaves but with a splash of almost gold colouring. They both really appeal to me and it's clear that I definitely love anything variegated, especially with white/silver colouring.

golden pothos

Trailing up or down?

Pothos are a trailing vine so they'll grow nice and long and can be trained to "climb" along your wall with help from some supports in the wall like a hook or nail. For me currently, all my pothos are just in pots and they are trailing down them, but I would love in the future to have them hanging and help the vines along a wall, that's a dream come true!

propagated pothos


One of my favourite parts about the pothos is how easy they are to propagate. They root very easily once cut and put into water, I have mine rooting in about less than two weeks generally and once I decided the roots are long enough I plant them in soil. I seem to have good success with it because I always add a little bit of plant food to the water so they can get nutrients that they aren't getting from not being in soil. I've been using the Green Thumb organic plant food from Ivory & Iron and in fact, not just the pothos but all my plants absolutely love it.

propagated pothos

Are they safe for pets?

Be aware that pothos is dangerous to animals if they're consumed. The leaves have crystals that will have a burning sensation in your pet's mouth, causing them to drool and vomit. They penetrate the soft tissues in their mouth, throat and stomach which can cause their throats to swell up. So if you know that your pets do like to chew on your plants, I don't recommend it unless you're positive you can keep them away. I have two cats but they couldn't care less about my plants thankfully.

Do you have a favourite variation of pothos? Let me know in the comments!

CRYSTALS | How I Started Collecting Crystals



For me, I've always owned crystals, I'd see one and buy it just because they were pretty rocks that captivated me. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend that I really got into them. One day he was showing me his collection, and I didn't think much of it until he handed me a dark blue skull that sparkled with little flecks of silver and it gave me chills everywhere. He said he used it when he wasn't feeling very good and you could tell just by looking at it that it definitely held those very bad vibes. It hadn't been cleansed in quite a while, if ever, and crystals need that to get rid of the bad energy that they can hold onto. That was the moment I really knew that crystals did, in fact, give and receive energy, there was no denying it at that moment, as crazy as it might sound if you think they're just pretty rocks like I used to.

purple goldstone

The skull my boyfriend has is made from Purple Goldstone. Goldstone is a type of glass that was made by alchemists in the seventeenth century when they were trying to make gold. It's purple because of manganese which is said to have healing, shielding and protective properties as well as helps to rid you of negative energies. It definitely did its job but needed to be rid of the energy it had held onto so I placed it under the moon which is a great way of cleansing, we'll get more into that on a later post.

purple goldstone

Now I have quite a large collection of crystals, all varying in size and shape. My favorite though and first one I ever purchased is the Rose Quartz, I now have a few big chunks and a ton of smaller ones. If you're looking around my house you'll find them on the bedside table, in the bathroom drawer, on counters, almost every little place that they could be, they are! I love the rose quartz because it encourages self-love, protects you against nightmares, and helps to raise the vibrational frequency of your home.

rose quartz

If you're ever out and about shopping and come across some crystals you'll sometimes find that you're drawn to certain ones. This is how I always choose my crystals, or rather they choose me. Pick them up and get a feel for them, see which ones are right for you. If you have an urge to pick one up that usually means that it has the right vibrational frequency that you're needing. Generally, if I'm out shopping this is exactly what I will do, I'll just look around and browse and wait until something pulls me in and then research it later if I'm not exactly sure what it's used for. It's definitely okay though to pick crystals based on what you're needing at the time. If you're looking for a certain one but it doesn't have a feeling pulling you in don't worry, it will still work for you!

Which crystals have called to you? What's the first one you ever purchased? I'd love to know!
Have you ever suddenly been inspired to start learning about something and diving headfirst into it before? Well for me that was the world of Witchcraft. I've always been interested in everything witchy and magical, I knew that it was something you could be involved in but I didn't realize how much of a community there was or how many other people enjoyed it as well. I have a large crystal collection, art featuring palmistry and tarot, a deep love for Halloween (not that that's a pre-requisite haha) but never knew that it was really something to learn about, until now.

beginner witchcraft books

One day it just clicked, I was scrolling Tiktok and all of these videos to do with spells and deities started popping up even though I had never searched it, and there I went down the rabbit hole of WitchTok. I've haven't read a book since high school and I've certainly never been one to take notes and study, I guess nothing interested me enough to keep me captivated. But now? I have a journal going of everything I've learned, the colours of crystals and candles and what they mean, and how certain herbs can do certain things for you. The moon phases, astrology, it's endless. And it's so eye-opening.

I wanted to share two books that have been super helpful for me in my research. They're both very easy to retain information, and their index allows you to quickly find what you're looking for without flipping through every page.

Witchery: Embracing The Witch Within by Julia Diaz

The first is Witchery: Embracing The Witch Within by Julia Diaz. She does a lovely job of introducing you to magic and she covers many different topics such as how to ground yourself, connecting to the moon and seasons, and manifesting. She also shares quite a few spells and rituals you can do to help yourself along the way of this magical journey. It's $10.69 for Kindle or $22.76 for paperback, which I opted for because I love physical copies of books.

Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit by Lisa Chamberlain

The second is the Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit by Lisa Chamberlain. This book is a combination of three separate books and covers candle spells, crystal spells, and herbal spells. You can purchase each book separately but I preferred it as a bundle. It's good to note that Wicca is a religion on its own, Witchcraft is a practice, but all Wicca's practice magic. I'll get into that on another post, but all the information in this book is relevant to all magic and will be useful! It's a great introduction to spells, what they can do for you, and how to create them. It's $17.01 for paperback and $4.99 for Kindle.

The more I learn the more I will definitely share with you, and I encourage you to do your own research too if it interests you! I frequently post updates on my Instagram and Twitter about what I'm reading and learning!

NATURAL WELLNESS | Saje Products You Need


Saje products have been a go-to of mine for quite a while now. Their products are 100% natural, no synthetics, vegan, and cruelty-free! I love using natural products to help when I can, not to mention they all smell amazing thanks to the essential oils. I wanted to share a few of my favourites that I keep in my collection and which ones I use daily.

saje pain release rollerball

I have to start with Pain Release, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this has been a lifesaver for me. Depending on the weather it can flare up so I always have the roller ball on me just in case. It contains marjoram, chamomile, and rosemary to calm, soothe, and warm you. For Christmas, I was gifted the Recovery Mode Pain Relieving Kit which contains the pain relief roller, the peppermint halo roller, and the arnica rescue ointment, so I just keep the kit on me just in case. Pairing the peppermint halo and pain relief is phenomenal and I definitely recommend, it gives you a refreshing and cool feeling!

saje sleep well rollerball

Next is the Sleep Well rollerball, I cannot tell you the amazing nights of sleep I have had since using this. It contains valerian, chamomile, and lavender to help soothe, calm, and relax your body so that you can fall asleep. You can put it on the soles of your feet, wrists, temples, throat, or any pulse points you'd like. I personally roll it onto my wrists because I sleep with my hand by my face usually so I can breathe it in all night long.

saje soothing nasal inhaler

I'm basically addicted to my Soothing Nasal Inhaler, I'm allergic to all my pets basically so this little guy is nice and easy to help relieve some of the symptoms. It has lemon, myrrh, and peppermint to refresh, ground, and clear you.

saje relax o ring

I swear by the Relax-O-Ring and love using it on my fingers when they're sore, I pair it with the pain relief roller and it's heavenly. It's basically a copper ring that you roll up and down your fingers to massage them. It can also be used in reflexology, which is the belief that massaging parts of your body can produce a positive effect elsewhere.

saje energy revitalizing mist

Okay, last one because I could honestly go on forever and I don't think there is a product that I don't love from Saje. The Revitalizing Energy Mist is great when you need a little pick me up not to mention it's incredibly refreshing. It contains peppermint, lemon, and rosemary to uplift, refresh, and stimulate your mind.

I'm basically obsessed with everything from Saje, but who can blame me? They smell amazing and genuinely help. I can't wait for my collection to grow!