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NATURAL WELLNESS | Saje Products You Need


Saje products have been a go-to of mine for quite a while now. Their products are 100% natural, no synthetics, vegan, and cruelty-free! I love using natural products to help when I can, not to mention they all smell amazing thanks to the essential oils. I wanted to share a few of my favourites that I keep in my collection and which ones I use daily.

saje pain release rollerball

I have to start with Pain Release, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this has been a lifesaver for me. Depending on the weather it can flare up so I always have the roller ball on me just in case. It contains marjoram, chamomile, and rosemary to calm, soothe, and warm you. For Christmas, I was gifted the Recovery Mode Pain Relieving Kit which contains the pain relief roller, the peppermint halo roller, and the arnica rescue ointment, so I just keep the kit on me just in case. Pairing the peppermint halo and pain relief is phenomenal and I definitely recommend, it gives you a refreshing and cool feeling!

saje sleep well rollerball

Next is the Sleep Well rollerball, I cannot tell you the amazing nights of sleep I have had since using this. It contains valerian, chamomile, and lavender to help soothe, calm, and relax your body so that you can fall asleep. You can put it on the soles of your feet, wrists, temples, throat, or any pulse points you'd like. I personally roll it onto my wrists because I sleep with my hand by my face usually so I can breathe it in all night long.

saje soothing nasal inhaler

I'm basically addicted to my Soothing Nasal Inhaler, I'm allergic to all my pets basically so this little guy is nice and easy to help relieve some of the symptoms. It has lemon, myrrh, and peppermint to refresh, ground, and clear you.

saje relax o ring

I swear by the Relax-O-Ring and love using it on my fingers when they're sore, I pair it with the pain relief roller and it's heavenly. It's basically a copper ring that you roll up and down your fingers to massage them. It can also be used in reflexology, which is the belief that massaging parts of your body can produce a positive effect elsewhere.

saje energy revitalizing mist

Okay, last one because I could honestly go on forever and I don't think there is a product that I don't love from Saje. The Revitalizing Energy Mist is great when you need a little pick me up not to mention it's incredibly refreshing. It contains peppermint, lemon, and rosemary to uplift, refresh, and stimulate your mind.

I'm basically obsessed with everything from Saje, but who can blame me? They smell amazing and genuinely help. I can't wait for my collection to grow!

GYPSY HANDS | Too Fast Clothing Try On Haul


Back when the weather was much nicer I did a little photoshoot for Too Fast Clothing, photo creds to my lovely boyfriend of course. Their designs are always spooky and fun and the fabrics are always incredibly comfy!

First up we have the Gypsy Hands A-Line Mini Dress, it's very slimming and would definitely flatter anyone! It's made of such comfy material it's definitely a go-to when I want to throw something easy but super cute on. It's $46 on the website and I'm wearing a size small.

The Witchy Animals Lolle Ginger Skater Dress is another go-to dress because it's made of such comfy spandex. It was made in collaboration with @Loll3_ on Instagram and I was so thankful to receive it because I adore her art and can't believe I get to wear it! It is $50 on the website and I'm wearing a size small.

To Die By Your Side Babydoll Tee is such a cute but simple design to throw on when you're feeling a t-shirt and jeans kinda day! I'm wearing a size small and it's $24!

If you love anything on their site feel free to use code SPOOKY15 for 15% off any of your orders, it's just a code for you I don't receive anything from it.

MARY KAY HOLIDAY 2019 | 12 Days Of Glam


Hello! Yes! We are into the festive season over here on Spooky Chic and what we have here is a nice twist on the classic chocolate advent calendar, although those are usually 25 days, the 12 days of glam are definitely worth it! As you can see each day you get some mini-sized products, some full-sized products as well as some skincare essentials all wrapped up in a cute 12-day advent calendar retailing for $124 CAD.

It has your classic advent calendar look but inside has a much better surprise for you every day! Each day has a little makeup goodie and by the end of the 12 days, you can do a full face of makeup as well as a bit of skincare and prep. Keep reading if you don't mind spoilers.

Throughout the 12 days out get a full-size lash love mascara in jet black, translucent loose powder, gel liner in jet black with an applicator brush, cream eye color in pale blush, blending sponge, gel semi-matte lipstick in Midnight Red, nourishine plus lip gloss in Golden, and beauty blotters oil-absorbing tissues. For the trial sized items you get oil-free makeup remover, microdermabrasion refine with pore minimizer together, nourishing shea cream and a shea sugar scrub.

I love that the majority of the items were full-sized. It definitely makes for a great advent calendar where the products will last you quite a while and give you everything to create a full look!

SPOOKY SEASON | Dollarama Halloween Sneak Peek


My next stop in the Halloween Sneak Peek collection is Dollarama! This is always my first stop when shopping for fun Halloween decor that won't be up all year round, more for parties or events! You can usually find the same goodies for a way cheaper price than the big pop up stores, and it's also good for people who only like to decorate for Halloween and then take it down later as I find the quality is a little less than other stores.

I'm obsessed with Halloween string lights and these little paper pumpkins are absolutely adorable and something I'd keep up all year round for sure. The nutcrackers are a great way to transition your Halloween decor into November and December while still being Christmas festive.

The ceramic pumpkins and festive mats are a great item to decorate the entire house or porch while still keeping your budget low. I'm always a little wary of putting my good decor outside so things like this I feel a bit better about!

I'm a sucker for candle holders, especially pumpkin shaped ones because I don't know about you but I don't really enjoy hollowing out pumpkins and carving them so this is a great alternative to that. The lanterns below are a good way to have spooky lighting without the risk of using real candles or open flames.

The baking supplies are always one of my absolute favourites because it's something I'd keep around and use for the entire year. Who couldn't use pumpkin and ghost-shaped cookie cutters throughout the year?

As a trained makeup artist I am always a little iffy on the quality of cheaper Halloween makeup but if you're just having some fun this is perfect for you! It's also easy to make it work for you in a more SFX way. These cauldrons are a great way to make a larger batch of mixed drinks and punches! 

This year I'm decorating for a Halloween party so this is the first place I always check out before heading to the bigger box stores. They have great options for fun Halloween decorations. The fabric curtains are definitely something I'll be picking up to dress up the scene! The ghosts are also perfect for hanging from trees because let's be honest, no matter the price they're still going to get flung around in the wind and get tangled and ripped.

Stuck on a Halloween costume? This is a great place to grab a few things a build off of. I'm going to be grabbing quite a few things for my photobooth props!

Maybe your pets like dressing up too, if only for a short time they have a little selection of costumes and collars!  

As the dollar stores get more Halloween goodies in I'll be grabbing more and more! What's something that you always pick up from your local dollar stores?