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You may know that I love my subscription boxes, but the downfall with a lot of them is that you can't choose what you're getting in them and that can suck when it arrives and you don't like anything inside of it. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box Subscription where you choose the products, either two luxury items and two regular items OR one luxury item and three regular items, and you don't have to worry about running out of your products because they'll simply ship every three months right to your door.

 In my Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box Subscription I opted to try their Tinted Moisturizer Radiance, Indelible Brow pencil, Blue Luscious Volumes Mascara,  and Penny Eyeliner.

Everything comes wrapped up very cute in this box with a big label on the top and wrapped in pink paper and a lovely saying to hold it all together.  

First we'll start off with the Tinted Moisturizer Radiance, this is oil free, has an SPF of 15 and has vitamin E, A and C as well as hyaluronic acid which actives collagen to plump and lift skin.

This product is for all skin types and  is one shade for all skin colours.

It comes in a pump bottle which is great for keeping the product cleanly and has 1 oz (30 mL) of product. 

 This product all contains a bit of shine which is actually quite pretty.

 Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of it myself because I normally don't use tinted moisturizers and although it says for all skin colours I think it would have looked better on me if I already had a bit of a tan as I am super pale normally.

Now onto the mascara, this is the Luscious Volumes Mascara which I chose in the colour blue. I thought that would be super fun and give my eyes a pop on my bottom lashes. 

 As you can see on the swatch below it's quite blue and covers pretty well very easily. I really like the applicator brush because it's so big and really gets all your lashes.

 Next up we have the Gel Liner in the colour Penny. I wanted to stray away from my normal black eyeliner and try out a colour for once and as the name Penny would suggest it's a copper colour. On the website the photos make it seem like a pumpkin orange but it's actually quite copper with a sheen.

This gel liner is super pigmented (SO pigmented.. haha) it's waterproof and smudge proof which is great because I always like to create big cat eye looks.

Last but not least we have the Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Brunette. I wanted to try a lighter more natural brow so I figured a pencil would be a good chance to try that out. 

The pencils are water proof and smudge proof which is great especially for the summer when you can get a little sweaty, the pencil is also retractable so that it never needs to be sharpened. There are four different colours to choose from and each product has 0.28g (0.01 oz) of product.

Here is a photo with the tinted moisturizer on as well as the brow pencil. The brows weren't my favourite but that was on myself because I usually use a brow pomade. The product was great and was easy to blend so I really just need more practise with natural brows using a pencil. 

If you're interested in purchasing anything above please consider using my affiliate code link right here: http://www.inspirecosmetics.ca/?Click=204

INSPIRE | Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box Subscription

So a whilst ago I was sent these bathing suits that I picked out but that was like January and I thought it didn't make much sense to write about them when I know we'll still be getting snow up until May, which we did for one day during a storm, but now it's finally June so here I am! Finally telling you all about these bathing suits from ToSave.com! I picked out three different bathing suits and I guess lets get onto the review!

First up we have this one which the top is a lower halter top kind of look with the middle crisscrossed up. The top is made of normal bathing suit material and also padded which is great because I need a little help in the oomph department and it helps give you a little more coverage. The bottoms are a little high cut than normal but nothing too risque and the sides are held together by four straps which is really a cute touch with the top.

This top is more of a super strappy squared off triangle shape. The top straps are not adjustable which kind of sucks but it's not a huge hassle to shorten them and sew them back on so it's not a huge issue for me. The back ties are a little more complicated because there is just so many, three exactly, so it can be a little tricky to tie up depending on how you do it. The top also has padding which is a must for me when getting a bathing suit top. These bottoms are much smaller than I'd like and they're quite cheeky and the five straps on the side make it a little revealing but if you're comfortable with that it's very cute!

Last is my favourite in terms of looks! This one isn't padded but you could add your own if that's something you really wanted to do. It is covered in rose gold sequins which makes it so fun to wear and maybe not casual beach appropriate unless you're super extra which I am so not against but also perfect for pool parties. It's a halter style top which gives you a lot of coverage, the bottoms are very full coverage also which is awesome and also covered in sequins. The sequins don't really fall off so there's not a huge worry about shedding.

One thing to note is that the sizes do run small and the bottoms are not meant to handle a booty. I chose all these bathing suits in a size small but I'll have to get the bottoms in either medium or large, I haven't decided yet, and then I'm set!

SHINE BRIGHT | Swimsuit Haul

A little bit ago I had written about looking for a new jacket, which you can see here incase you missed it, and I really thought I was going to go for a bomber kind of jacket because it would be perfect for my casual daily style. But then I came across the website Rut & Circle and received an email with a 15% off code so I thought hey, why not check it out and see if there's anything I'm interested in right now. Well, it just so happens that there was!

After searching the website high and low, because whenever I come across a new store I go through their entire selection, I came across their trench coats. A trench coat isn't something that I had ever considered before because I thought they were just too fancy for me but I kept coming back to the Price Rosie Trench and it had me convinced that I needed it.

I think what really made me fall in love was the look of the material. It's a polyester and nylon blend but looks and feels like suede and I thought that would be perfect for not looking to business like and more casual chic especially because the colour is black but the material gives it almost a brick looking rough texture? It's so hard to explain but really adds so much dimension to the jacket. I really wanted something I could throw on and instantly look put together. I usually wear wedges or heels with jeans and the model in the photo was wearing exactly that.

I had chosen it in size 36 even though I knew I needed a 34 but they were out of stock and I assumed they wouldn't be going back in stock since it is a sale item and decided to just take my chances. It does fit me a little large everywhere but I think I can alter it enough to fit me better. There are little flaps with buttons on the shoulders which sit exactly at the end of my shoulders and if I remove those it won't look so boxy on me and I'm pretty happy after that. I may also add another button close into the waist so I can close it tighter around me.

It's a pretty thin coat which will work nicely for me in the warmer months because I get so chilly easily but I can also add a warm sweater underneath and still look super cute in the colder months if I don't invest in another jacket by then since this one isn't the most casual at the weekend car meets. Overall I am so excited for this jacket and am happy that this is what I decided on!

It's been about a month or so with this jacket and I am still loving it! Rut&Circle is definitely somewhere I am going to be purchasing more from so you'll be seeing them around!

RUT&CIRCLE | My Search For The Perfect Jacket

Recently I felt my wardrobe getting a little stale and with the warmer weather coming I thought it was time to add a few key pieces. I had the opportunity to select a few items from AMI Clubwear so I went off and scoured the website for a few key items I knew I just had to have. There's quite a few photos for each item but I really wanted to show you all the details!

The first item was this sweater. I really don't have anything with long sleeves other than thicker hoodies which are nice when you just want to be super casual and chill but I wanted something I could dress up or down so I thought this would be the perfect sweater for that. The bottom half of the sweater cinches in which is complimentary to your waist and looks super cute with high waisted pants as you can pull the sweater up a little higher and and it makes the top part kind of puff out and fold over the bottom half a bit as you can see in the second photo below!

The second item I thought would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe is this romper. I've noticed that embroidered roses are in recently so this one was perfect for me since I tend to keep my wardrobe to mostly black and a pop of red tones here and there. It fits me a little bigger than I had hoped but I thought that would happen anyways. I really wanted something with longer sleeves as I get cold easily but it still looks fit for summer with the open shoulders. I love that this piece also has the cinched waist because it helps hold it in place and give it some security when wearing it since it's so flowy.

The last item I chose was these boots and I knew I wanted them to match with the other items I got and that ended up working out well. I knew I really wanted to pair of over the knee boots because I didn't own any yet and wanted to stay warm but stylish in summer and of course they had to be a heel because I am most comfortable in a 2.5-3" thick heel. I love the little ties at the back of the boot to help hold them up because my legs are a little thin for the circumference at the top so it helps to keep them comfortable on my legs. There are two versions of this boot where one has a pointy two which I chose or there is a version with a rounded toe. I actually didn't initially realize this until I was checking back but I am glad I went with the more pointed toe as I think it looks more classy and dressier.

I'm so happy I chose these items because they've become strong stables in my wardrobe and I'm also really impressed with the quality especially for the price. I can't wait to make my next order which is probably going to be sooner than later haha!

AMI CLUBWEAR | Amping Up My Wardrobe

After hearing all about the Nivea For Men After Shave Balm trend from awhile ago with mixed reviews I didn't end up ever trying it but I received the offer to try the new Nivea 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer I figured I'd give it a go!

The primer is enriched with natural almond oil and Calendula Extract and it's also non greasy and leaves your face feeling silky smooth. I always love a more hydrating moisturizer during the summer months because I always feel like my skin really needs it and so far this seems to do the trick. It's also $10.95 CAD at Walmart which is a great price for a combined product.

You need very little product because it spreads easily which is super nice and I actually use probably around a quarter of both my moisturizer and primer together so that's definitely a plus for this product. It does say that it instantly absorbs but I find it takes a minute which is totally fine  and you don't want to rub it in too much because it can get a bit pilly but as soon as it does sink in it's totally fine. The jar itself has a nice sleek look and although it doesn't specify whether it is for dry to sensitive skin or normal to mixed it does have a pink rim around it that matches the colour on the outside of the packaging, so that's the only way to tell that I can see anyways.

Although the product is for dry to sensitive skin it seems the scent of it did irritate my skin a little bit but it does go away after a little while. The scent is a bit off putting for me because it reminds me of baby products or face cream meant for a older woman if that makes sense, like something my grandma used to use. It just doesn't make much sense to have a scent in a product meant for sensitive skin. I also do wish it was in a pump instead of a jar just because I don't like contaminating my products and it would help with not using too much of it since you'd only need a small pump or two for your entire face.

Overall I think it's a good product especially if you want to cut down on time in the morning or if you're someone who doesn't usually wear makeup but likes the appearance and feel of primer. It make my makeup last all day and felt wonderful. I'll definitely be using the entire jar and decide if I'll repurchase after that, I'll probably try the normal to mixed skin after just to see once I am done this jar.

If you did get in on the Nivea For Men After Shave trend then I definitely recommend you try this because so far my experience with this product has been great and is actually meant for under makeup.

SENSITIVE | Nivea 2-1 Moisturizing Primer